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Psychotherapy OHIP & Insurance

by | Nov 4, 2013 | Anxiety, Educational Articles

Your mental health is directly connected to you physically health.
Stress, depression, anxiety and other issues have a direct relation to illness.
Although this fact is scientifically proven, the Ontario Health Insurance Program  (OHIP) does not provide insurance for psychotherapists and most forms of psychological therapy.

Third Party Insurance / Employee Benefit Programs

Psychotherapy OHIP and Insurance
Insurance coverage for psychotherapy is available through many third-party insurers such employee benefit programs. Check with your human resources department or private insurance plan to find out exactly what type of coverage you have for psychotherapy.

TheAnxiety.Clinic is a pre-approved provider of psychotherapy for both
Green Shield Canada and SSQ Financial

Dependent on the provider you may find you have a fixed amount in dollars, or a limited number of sessions.
Certain programs provide long-term coverage. In most cases, these programs are administrated by reimbursing you after you submit a receipt from your therapist. The receipt from your psychotherapist should include the date(s), the number of sessions, the rate per session, and their signature and clinical membership number.  You would then submit this receipt through your employer or directly through your insurance program for reimbursement.  Certain plans may require pre-authorize for your therapy in order to ensure your reimbursement. Check with your provider.
The one exception, in which OHIP insurance does pay, is the service of a registered psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who have gone on to do extensive training in psychiatry. The practice of psychiatry is very different from the practice of psychotherapy and many talk therapies.
20568929_sPsychiatrists are licensed to prescribed drugs, but not necessarily trained in any or multiple methods of talk therapy (psychotherapy). Traditional talk therapies such as psychoanalytical therapy, and various forms of psychotherapy, are the types of training that some psychiatrists undertake after medical school, should they have an interest in this field.  Most psychotherapists can and will work with a psychiatrist if they feel medical or drug therapy may be required for their clients.  Unfortunately there are very few psychiatrists in Ontario who provide psychotherapeutic services, and those who do tend to have extensive waiting lists and are available through medical referral only.

Government Programs

One other option for paid psychotherapy sessions is through social service programs. In many cities including Toronto one can make application to social services for therapeutic assistance. Each program has a restriction on the number of sessions, and one must make application and be retained on a waiting list in order to be seen.  Wait times in the Toronto core in 2013 exceeded three months for many programs.

Reduced Fees

If you are in a position that is financially challenging, some psychotherapists will offer a sliding fee scale.

Is Psychotherapy a Canadian Tax Deduction?

For Revenue Canada’s list of Authorized Medical Practitioners by Province, click here.
Caring for your health requires that you care for your mental health. Mental health issues including stress, depression, addictions and anxiety can wreak havoc on your body and life.

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