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12-Weekly Intensive Sessions Designed to Kick-Start Your Program

It takes Commitment to Change

Sometimes you get there by no apparent fault of your own.  Sometimes you’ve watched yourself slide precariously downhill. And sometimes you’ve made bad choices.

Whatever you may be going through, if you’ve been in it long enough, it’s a habit, and at this point, likely a bad habit.

Life is suffering, but learn the right skills that build new habits, it becomes optional to suffer in response.

Change is a learning process, and that’s based in neuroscience. Let’s apply the best of these skills to show you how?

You are Here Because You Know You are Ready.

Regular weekly sessions are key to building a program to help you, help you. Commitment and consistency are two of the keys to successful change. The Intensive allows you to pre-book 12 sessions at a better rate. (We save big on admin fees and pass it on to you.) Regular policies apply, appointments times/dates can be changed with 24 hours notice.


Alcohol, Drugs, Anger, Depression – It is time for a change

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