Pet Therapy

Meet Gracey T. Bear!

Gracey is a member of the TheAnxiety.Clinic Team and she, like our Clinical Director, Todd Kaufman, specializes in teaching you how to manage stress, anxiety and panic.

Gracey is a neutered female mixed breed (Wheaton/Poodle/Schnauzer) who is a non-shedding 17 pounds of very present cuddles.

Gracey is trained for Pet Therapy to help you focus in the present, lowering your stress hormones and increasing your feel good hormones.

She is trained to engage you in a manner that provides you with relaxation and the opportunity to work through your ‘stuff’ while not having to deal with being ‘all wound up.’

Patting is also a form of meditative practice. The mind tends to calm when tasked to do repeated behaviours – particularly when there is positive feedback.  

The practice of patting a therapy dog is one such activity.

Often in session you will find that Gracey will be quite persistent about being cuddled in your lap, on her back, just like a baby – and then you have one job – belly rubs!  

She is trained to remain on her back in the position for hours at a time.

How does a therapy dog make a difference to you?

Pet Therapy GraceyResearch has shown that Pet Therapy (click the link for a detailed research study) impacts a series of hormones including stimulating the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin, and lowering the stress related hormones including cortisol.

So how does this Pet Therapy actually work?

Pet Therapy sessions with Gracey are the standard 55 minutes, during which you may be prompted to expand mindfulness skills, and/or continue with your usually discussions with your therapist.

There is no extra charge for including Gracey in your sessions. (She is quite happy being rewarded with belly rubs!)

Just let us know at the time of booking if you would like to have Gracey included in your sessions, and if the therapist feels it is a good fit, we will be sure to have her present – waiting for you with an eager tail wag!

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