Trauma Treatment and PTSD

Are you having recurrent, unwanted distressing memories, flashbacks or dreams?

Do you try not to think or talk about the event or avoid places/people that trigger those thoughts? Are you having negative feelings, feeling numb, hopeless and/or struggle to feel positive?

Have you found yourself  ‘on guard’ or feeling irritable, angry or having outbursts? Trouble sleeping or concentrating – easily startled?

Are relationships difficult, and the future seems hopeless?

These are all symptoms of PTSD and trauma, and you can end them starting right now.

Some experiences in life no one should have to experience or witness – sexual abuse, childhood or relationship abuse, rape, horrific accidents, or losses. For some of us the memories of these events create feelings that show up in unhealthy ways and at bad times,  ultimately causing havoc in your life.  Are you ready to put these events behind you?
We offer clinically proven treatments such as EMDR or Mindfulness Therapy, and more that can help you process these memories in a healthy way, ending the pain, and ongoing nightmares that trauma can cause.
TheAnxiety.Clinic at 1-800-699-3396 is staffed with coaches, psychotherapists, and psychologists, who have trained all their lives to help people move past traumatic events, end PTSD and live happy lives.
When you choose to work with us, you not only get the incredible value of a lifetime of training, you learn the insight and wisdom of the hundreds of clients they have dealt with over the years who have mastered the very same challenges you are facing now.

Here is what you get when you say, “Yes, help me get past this trauma”:

  • Your Coach, Psychotherapist, Or Psychologist, will engage you in a heartfelt conversation to help both of you understand why your brain is currently letting your trauma impact your life
  • You will begin a journey on a customized program designed to help you process the memories of the trauma in a healthy and non-intrusive fashion.
  • You will be given a simple daily set of exercises that will help rewire your brain to eliminate the symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares and feelings of hopelessness and irritability.
  • You will discover techniques to help you feel positive and motivated
  • You will be taught proven practical skills that will help you experience the world in a kinder and more pleasant manner.
  • You will be taught and practice relationship building techniques that will improve your work and family life and improve relationships.
  • You will be given and taught to use practical tools that will disempower the traumatic event and your triggers

Who best benefits from our services?

  • Individuals who may have been diagnosed with PTSD or who experienced an event they know to be traumatic.
  • First Responders including firemen, police, paramedics, who witnessed or helped in disasters or horrific incidents
  • Emergency Response Team members
  • Students who are unable to get through school due to earlier life incidents such as abuse
  • Professionals who are finding work difficult if not impossible, and want to be at the top of their game
  • Husbands, Wives, Fathers and Mothers who are finding relationships challenging
  • People who are retired and still find themselves upset by early life traumas
  • Anyone who has experienced sexual abuse, rape or a difficult upbringing.

Ready to move past your trauma and live the life you deserve?

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