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  • You’ve been struggling with anxious feelings that are really hard to avoid and they seem to be getting worse.
  • You have done your research, online, or even with other therapists or doctors, but so far things only work a bit, and then the anxiety feelings are back.
  • You may have tried drugs (illegal or prescribed) to try and avoid or fix these problematic feelings but they didn’t work, worked for a bit then quit working, or you are wisely concerned they are or have become addicting.
  • There is that one thing that gets your anxiety going every time, perhaps flying, public speaking or driving, or spiders! It seems to be your ‘albatross’ that you are ready to ditch.
  • Sometimes you have no idea why these feelings come over you.
  • You may have had extreme feelings that seem like a panic attack, or even a heart attack and wound up in the ER very worried and being sent home and told to go talk to your family doctor or a therapist
  • These feelings and the stress are impacting your relationships and your work life.
  • You may feel like you are losing more control as time goes on, and that is worrisome.
  • You have stopped doing stuff and avoiding things because you are worried these feelings will come back fast and hard.

Which One are You?


If people only knew what you had overcome! Some of your life stories are hard to tell and even harder for others to believe – so you’ve kept a lot undercover. Maybe some of that stuff is even recent?

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You’ve got this hidden superpower that somehow keeps you surviving and landing on your feet. You’ve built up some really powerful coping skills that act as a force field to make sure this stuff stays locked away in a kryptonite-proof vault – but now you’re a bit worried that the force field may be weakening. You are sensing the danger and controlling it is so much work it’s hard to focus on your job, your relationships, and even your life. Do you have the power to keep this all up alone?  You are not sure at this point and if it all explodes the fallout will be epic – in a bad way. You’ve got a serious hunch you need back up.  That’s where I come in – light up that bat signal and book an appointment!


You’re the one!  You’ve hit it out of the park more than once and people have noticed. Promotions, power, money and maybe even fame are familiar to you but there is this catch. An internal voice 

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 keeps warning you that you are a fraud, an imposter, and when THEY find out it will all fall apart. You’ve got the education, experience, the paycheck, and even the fan club but you just can’t shake that feeling it is all hanging on the edge and someone or something will snatch it away in an instant!  Sound familiar? Some folks call it the Imposter Syndrome – and it really sucks.  I’m here to tell you it won’t fall apart.  You earned this, you’ve got this, and you get to keep this. All of it. Because superheroes save the world, including their own. I’ve helped so many superheroes banish that feeling into the hozone layer. (That’s where you will find that missing superhero sock that disappeared out of the dryer too.) Time to activate the universal translator and call-in help.  I’m here and together we will save your world!


When it comes to keeping things under control and on plan – you’ve got it. Sure, life and work toss you an occasional curveball, but you expect that, and you have a plan for that too. In the past when

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things got tense or on edge you had a plan to shore it up likely aided by other wisdom givers like friends, therapists or mentors. You’ve learned skills to cope and keep moving safely forward. Sure, you have had anxiety, but who doesn’t – it just takes a plan to manage it.  Yet lately those skills, the usual plan, don’t’ seem to be cutting it as well and that is distracting, and off-plan. And while you are trying to get back on plan other things at work and home seem to suffer.  They are now not going to plan.  YOU WILL GET THIS PLAN BACK ON TRACK! You don’t believe in hack jobs or shoddy plans and need to strategize NOW before this thing gets out of hand, off-plan, and goes south. Call me, I’ve got just the playbook for you.


You know how to survive alone in the wilderness. You travel alone and haven’t shared as others might stop you or at least get in your way. Feelings are a weakness that could make you lose your edge, so

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 you’ve pushed them out or shut them down. Perhaps once you tried to join the pack and it went bad. Recently your instincts are telling you something does not feel safe or comfortable. Is it anxiety or panic?  You’re not quite sure but it clearly does not feel right, and even dangerous.  In the past when this stuff arose you managed it alone.  But this time it’s a bit different and you’re worried if you let it out the outcome will NOT be good. Whatever you may call it you know you’re in new territory. That’s a bit scary and you best be wary.  Time for a plan, and therapy can be exactly that for you.  Call me.

Life is messy.  We suffer.  Yet it is optional to suffer in response.

You have a pile of history and DNA that seems to dictate so much of how you feel, respond, and even the outcomes. There is a set of skills that you can develop that give you much more say over how you feel at any moment.

It’s not just the psychology of how your mind works that is changeable, the biology of your brain can be changed to – and that is the science of neuroplasticity. In online anxiety treatment therapy, we teach how to make these changes so your brain re-wires for happiness and not worry.

There are a number of clinical names for these challenges: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Anxiety Disorder… all with various anxiety symptoms including panic attacks or just not performing at your peak. Regardless of any naming of a mental illness, the realtiy is, it is your brain and you can rewire it to cure the occasional anxiety or anxiety disorders.  Talk therapy through online anxiety treatment is how people with anxiety, even chronic anxiety treat anxiety or even cure anxiety. Understanding and applying the science of neuroplasticity is where I come in.  Regardless of your life events, phobias and ecessive worry, we can turn this thing around!

Mind the Gap!

At our core, we all have a small spark of knowing how successful we could be, even when we are immersed in suffering.  And when we feel surrounded in suffering, we can feel powerless.
You know suffering. Growing up we all learned what it was like to hurt and feel powerless. You may have been fortunate enough to receive sympathy or empathy in these painful moments. 
But did you receive the coaching and skills to regain that power and not suffer in response to the inevitable suffering life throws at us?

Anxiety bubbles to the surface when the gap widens between being immersed in suffering, and the best of what we know life can be.

And anxiety only wants two things – your attention (“Hey! Look at this huge gap, it’s dangerous!”) and to help keep you safe. (“Seriously don’t just freeze, run or start swinging, DO SOMETHING HELPFUL!!”)
Here is where online anxiety treatment therapy helps.  I can show you how to pay attention and use powerful skills to close the gap.  We pay attention, do something helpful and there you have it – the gap starts to close so the anxiety recedes.

How Does It WorK? 

We talk. I share with you the learnings of the thousands of folks I have helped over the years, many with feelings and symptoms just like you, and by paying attention we formulate practical skills and strategies to stay safe and close that gap.

And online anxiety treatment is safe.  It is completely confidential.  This therapist becomes a member of YOUR wellness team that has a track record of slaying demons and putting superheroes on the map!  You hire me to listen, learn, strategize, guide, coach and have your back as you execute a plan to close that gap and save the world! (At least your world!)

Book Your Specialty Anxiety Treatment Program Series

On average my clients find their symptoms recede in 2-5 sessions and find themselves well equipped with the appropriate skills to return to normal functioning within 10-12 sessions.  ARP is a program that is custom-tailored to get you results quickly and effectively.