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The Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP)

Todd Kaufman founded the Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP).

I personally ended panic attacks and learned to manage my anxiety decades ago. As a psychotherapist, I developed ARP after years of experience working with hundreds of clients. utilizing the latest research in addiction and neuroscience. This easy to learn protocol has changed hundreds of lives.

What is the Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP)?    

Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) is a protocol developed out of years of practical work with hundreds of clients who have successfully overcome undue levels of stress, anxiety and panic attacks. 

The ARP protocol is a group of techniques structured in an intentional manner to achieve the best outcomes.  ARP integrates a number of therapeutic modalities delivered in a specific way and grounded in a unique foundation that maximums the outcomes of the various techniques.     

Why does the Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) Work? 

All of us are wired in unique ways.  Traditional approaches to treating anxiety often presume a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Often therapists may specialize in one modality, the most frequent being Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and perhaps the second most common is Mindful Meditation.  (We offer training and therapy in these techinques, but always stress that ALL therapy should be clinet-centric, that is, it should be the type of therpy that makes sence for you and your brian!)  If your brain has developed in such a way that either of these modalities is an ideal fit, you will find they are powerful options that can make profound changes in your life. If it is not a fit, any one modality can be an uphill battle, often working for a short time, or not at all. 

Yet despite our differences, we all share evolutionary commonalities.  The most important commonality in treating anxiety is the evolutionary system that has turned us into an apex species (top of the food chain) – our freeze, fight or flight system.  This system is wonderfully designed to ensure we prepare for danger and have the resources to handle danger should it arise.  It is a critical system to our survival. (If we could somehow remove it, we would likely not survive more than a few days.) When this system overworks it gives us high levels of stress, anxiety and even panic attacks. 

Is Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) a PRACTICAL and PROVEN Solution? 

Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) was designed from the ground up as a practical approach that teaches you how to actively regulate your freeze, fight or flight system – as opposed to being a victim to its evolutionary tendencies.  The protocol was created by Todd Kaufman who personally struggled with anxiety decades ago and has spent his life teaching others how to end panic attacks and manage anxiety.  The techniques he developed proved to be a powerful solutions for hundreds of clients.

 By understanding how this system works and recognizing its value and purpose, we can then embrace helpful skills that are aligned with how we are wired. These skills empower us to regulate the system and thus regulate those feelings of anxiety and panic which arise when left to their own devices.


Is the Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) Difficult to Learn? 

 Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) is neither complex nor difficult to learn.  It is a new and refreshing way of becoming empowered to enjoy every moment of your life. ARP can teach you how to turn your anxiety into your superpower! Learn to focus all that energy that used to hold you back, into energy that can help you climb mountains and slay dragons!

ARP is available directly through its founders and developers here at TheAnxiety.Clinic or from one of the many therapists or doctors we have trained through our professional education programs at www.TheWorkshopClinic.com

ARP:  A Complete Solution to Ending Panic Attacks and Managing Anxiety

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On average my clients find their symptoms recede in 2-5 sessions and find themselves well equipped with the appropriate skills to return to normal functioning within 10-12 sessions.  ARP is a program that is custom-tailored to get you results quickly and effectively.