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Stress, Anxiety and even Panic Attacks, Persistent symptoms that won't go away?

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Anxious feelings?  Worrisome thoughts? Ruminating (stuck in thought loops)?
Triggered by social situations, your workplace, public speaking, or some phobia?
It is frustrating but this clinic for anxiety is your last stop for an anxiety solution.

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Almost half a Century of Experience and Over 500 People Helped

The Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) Intensive

A 12-week intensive coaching and psychotherapy program to learn how to master skills to end anxiety and panic attacks and manage your anxiety. ARP is based in neuroscience and decades of experience and has dramatically changed the lives of 1000’s of graduates.

ARP is a customized program that makes sense of how your brain works, so it works. Are you ready to commit to change? 


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Excess anxiety is an experience that can happen to anyone.  We are all wired differently with different life experiences. Are you any of these personality types?