(Psychotherapeutic Coaching)

  • Do you suffer from worry and anxiety and ready for it to stop?
  • Are you struggling with relationships at home or work?
  • Is your health or the health of a loved one seem unbearable?
  • Need to get a handle on things and feel better?

Anxiety is a human response that can cause us a bucket of suffering. There are practical strategies that can make you feel better.

Life, relationships health are complicated, often with complicated and complex challenges.

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Heath is often a massive stressor in our lives. I have beat death, cancer and have lost many loved ones over the years. Learning to walk through these painful events safely and coming out stronger and wiser is possible. I have done it and so too have many of my patients and clients who felt the same as you do right now.

It hurts, so much stuff, often all at once and it hits hard. And COVID-19 can make everything seem so much worse.

The core of the work we will do together is based in neuroscience and the art of mastering your thoughts. A broad range of practical skills becomes available to you through therapy. Mindfulness is often a key for many that can actually make the suffering stop.

Yes, we are our stories both the good and the traumatic. Yet when we learn to make those stories places of reference, instead of places of residence, we can move forward and carve out both happiness and peace.

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Executive Psychotherapeutic Coaching (EPC)

  • Struggling with managing expectations?
  • Is stress taking its toll?
  • Considering time off or leaving?
  • Trying to find best strategies to get back in the game?

People and corporate leadership roles are complex holding different motivations and often puzzling approaches to performance and outcomes.  

EPC guides you in understanding the psychology behind performance – both your own and others. 

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In presence of conflict and seemingly unreasonable expectations, many executives suffer high levels of stress that will impact their performance.

The leading cause of short-term disability leave for executives is stress. For most of my clients that stress is only partially precipitated by workload, and mostly precipitated my workplace relationships. You have witnessed egos, politics and pathological behaviour that are both unreasonable and untenable. It hits hard.

Integrating the fundamentals of psychotherapy brings a whole new level of possible change and success to coaching. Based on neuroscience and psychology, psycho-educational integration moves you out of even the most crushing of places and empowers you to new heights. Being able to integrate a heightened level of self-reflection and intentional way of being, with acute situational and personal insight elevates you beyond your own barriers and challenges to become a formidable team player and leader.

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