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Psychotherapeutic Coaching

The science and art of changing your world.  One Conversation at a Time

What is Psychotherapeutic Coaching?

Psychotherapeutic Coaching is a unique, practical and powerful approach to help you resolve challenges in your life.

Integrating the practical approach of coaching with a large range of psychotherapeutic modalities we can craft change through an approach that makes sense to how you think, and how you become your best.


Virtual Therapy, is it as effective as in-person?

Yes.  I have been providing therapy virtually for years.  It began by provding access to people unable to travel due to physcal disabilities. Shortly thereafter as I worked with very busy professionals it was not time efficient for them  to leave the office and travel to my university office.  

The outcomes from these hundreds of sessions parralled those from people who came to visit. In the last decade and with COVID-19 virtual has become a norm.  There have been numerous formal studies that confirm the effectivenss of virtual therapy.

How does Virtual Therapy Work?

When you book your appointment you will receive TWO emails.  One is your receipt and the other a confirmation with the appointment details.  In this confirmation are a couple of links that are very helpful:

1. A link to change or cancel your appointment but you MUST be at least 24 hours notice or this link will not work.

2. Links to forms which, if this is your first session, I appreciate you downloading filling out and returning. Either scan them, snap a pic and email them to Todd@TheAnxiety.Clinic

3.  A link for you to click which will put you in my virtual confidential and secure waiting room.


Tips to make it all go smoothly!

Simply click on the link in your confirmation email.  This will open a page in your browser.  Here are a few tips:

1.  Check your camera and microphone are working and test them BEFORE our session.  Ensure your volume is turned up.

2. Make sure your face is well-lit from the front

3. Be close to your wi-fi router and shut down other programs or users that might be on your wi-fi.  Video calling can take up alot of bandwidth.

4.  Ensure our privacy so we can talk freely.  A headset can help, as does a private room – or even your car if you can’t find a spot in a busy household!

Todd Kaufman, BA, MDiv, RP, EPC

I am Todd Kaufman a Registered Psychotherapist and Executive Psychotherapeutic Coach, and I love what I do. I bring to your table over half a century of learning and researching how to help you find positive healthy solutions to knock it out of the park.

My background is diverse and extends well beyond training as a therapist. My life journey has taken me around the world, through multiple fascinating careers – all coalescing to bring you a depth and breadth of wisdom

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