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Is It an Addiction?

How can I control it?

Addiction: The compulsive repetition of any behaviour that is harmful to yourself and often to others.

The solution to addiction is learning how to be truly authentic in all parts of your life.

Is it really an addiction?

Addiction is the compulsive repetition of any behaviour that harms you and often harms others. It may arise in the use of alcohol, drugs, food, behaviours or unhealthy relationships.

It may seem it is irregular enough it can be managed – until it can not.  It ranges from harmful or extreme behaviours that may endanger our life or the lives of others, to milder events which are inconvenient or uncomfortable and stand between you and success.

Authenticity is Addictions Kryptonite!

Why work with Todd?

Ending an addictive behaviour is choosing to become the best person you can, both for yourself and those you love.  This is tough work, and no one should have to do it without a supportive community and team of pros who have their back.

I have been working with people with challenging additions for decades. I’ve studied and participated in a broad range of programs internationally and I hold a certificate in Addiction Counselling from Yale.

Specific to alcohol and Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) I provide ‘Positive Feedback Safety Monitoring’ –  a state of the art portable real-time breathalizer unit called ‘SoberLink’ that keeps you on top of your game and helps your support team step in fast if you relapse.

I know that being successful in this journey takes a team, and for this reason, I work with closely some of the countries finest addiction doctors and treatment programs to help you build a solid long-term recovery.

If you are ready to do what it takes to leave this behind and become your best – I’ve got your back.

Addiction a chronic illness, or a behavioural choice?


Likely both.  Recovered addicts will tell you addiction causes irrational behavior leading to unhappiness, jail, death, or any combination of the three. So either way, it’s critical you make the choices in your life, not that little but loud addict living in your brain!

Traditionally over the last number of decades, the primary source for the treatment of addiction is the “12 step program.”

This program can be profoundly helpful for many, and for others, the program may not be a good fit, often due to its religious overtones or view as alcoholism as a chronic defect.

There are also a number of modified 12-step programs available which address addiction less as a chronic illness, and more as a behavioural choice. There are also many other programs such as SOS or SMART Recovery that have very different approaches.

Regardless of what type of which options you choose to embrace, all specialists agree in one fact, the process of caring for yourself and tending to the changes that you decide to make in your life is ongoing.  A lifetime commitment and your success are directly tied to living an authentic life – in all regards.

It is for this reason that many people wisely seek out a long term therapeutic relationship with a therapist/coach to support them in living a life of sobriety. Critical to all of these programs is the recognition that this journey cannot be done alone.

There is a unique quality about a relationship with a therapist, which cannot be found elsewhere. In all relationships what we say, what we do, and how we act, will always impact your relationship. We recognize that we stand the possibility of being judged, loved more, or pushed away.

In a relationship with your therapist, you are provided with a confidential, safe and non-judgmental person to explore your thoughts your feelings and your connections to others (even the ugly messy stuff!), without any fear of losing the relationship or reprisal. This unique quality is both profound and powerful, and a critical component to living a life of your choosing.

Coping with Addiction is Intense

It’s messed you around either too long, or too bad, or both, and if you are sick and tired of this crap –  Go hard.

It’s time to get serious. Dig in with a full-court press.

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