Cancer & Illness

A recent diagnosis, struggling with long term chronic or terminal illness is tough.

I understand this on a very personal level.

I was diagnosed with cancer and spent half a year going through radiation and chemotherapy. Fortunately, I am now in remission. To read my personal story click here.
Nothing prepares you to hear the words, “You have cancer” or “This disease is terminal.” Or worse yet, your doctor speaks to you as if you are about to die, “Get your affairs in order.”
Geesh, that last one can send anyone into a tailspin! And you go home and have to face your friends and family and find a way to care for them and yourself.

This is seriously tough stuff that takes a huge amount of energy you likely don’t have, and an incredible amount of emotional stability you may likely not be up to. So just how do you mange this? What about the kids, your family? What is your next step? How or should you ‘hold it together?’
Or maybe it is your partner, family member or friend who is facing this daunting journey?
I’ve been there, done that and I know it is hard. I have a good sense of how you might feel, and I want to help.
Having a trained therapist who has travelled this journey and has your back, can be enormously relieving. With me you have a place to share your fears and celebrate your triumphs, and never worry that you will be judged or lose support. I can openly share what I learned and what dozens of others who shared with me, figured out on their journey.
Maybe you just need a place to figure this all out, or maybe you are determined to be a hero – either way I’m here to support you.
Give me a call on my direct line to set up an appointment ( 1-800-699-3396 ).
I consider an honour to walk this one with you.
My warmest regards,
In-person ‘Psychotherapy w Todd Kaufman’ Appointments are available in Toronto, Canada only.  This schedule can fill fast, and you may often be able to find a time slot in ‘VIRTUAL Psychotherapy w Todd Kaufman’ when his office times are not available.  Please check ‘VIRTUAL’ appointments f you can not find a time slot else wise

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