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In-person ‘Psychotherapy w Todd Kaufman’ Appointments are available in Toronto, Canada only.  This schedule can fill fast, and you may often be able to find a time slot in ‘VIRTUAL Psychotherapy w Todd Kaufman’ when his office times are not available.  Please check ‘VIRTUAL’ appointments f you can not find a time slot else wise

Weddings, Baptisms, End of Life Celebrations, Life & Gender Transition Ceremonies

Todd who lives in Toronto and Blue Mountains is experienced in officiating ceremonies of many types and will invest great care in ensuring your ceremony is a unique and memorable celebration that reflects your needs and beliefs. He is an accomplished public speaker and writer, and an ordained Interfaith Minister. He describes his beliefs as ‘radically inclusive!’

He is licensed in the Province of Ontario as a Wedding Officiant and may perform legally binding marriages for couples, including same-sex couples.

Todd recognizes the special importance of your ceremony and is committed to providing you and your loved ones with a full range of support and care to ensure you are prepared, comfortable, and ready to fully experience your special day. Todd has extensive experience in performing non-denominational wedding ceremonies of both a religious and secular nature.

Non-Denominational Weddings, Secular Wedding Officiant Services, Funeral and Life Transition/Celebration Hosting, Baptisms, Name and Gender Change Ceremonies, Blessing of Relationships, Homes and Pets.

You are assured that Todd will support you with great clarity and warmth.

Please contact Todd directly at +1 (800) 699-3396 to discuss your requests.

(Here is a sample wedding ceremony: Sample Wedding Ceremony – single reading)


Pre-Coupling Communication and Planning Sessions

 These three sessions are designed to help you master your communication as a couple, and develop long-term plans and strategies to help ensure you both avoid and overcome the longer-term challenges that we all come to face.
Available for you and your partner or as a gift certificate for others.  Interested in investing in the relationship upfront? Book your sessions HERE.

Todd, We are not in the proper frame of mind to really capture or even articulate what yesterday meant to us much less adequately thank the man who performed the ceremony. In case you didn’t realize, or at the very least forgotten how meaningful your role is (because you do this so often), we wanted to reach out to you to say that we will always remember the tone you set for us yesterday. You captured the sentiment we felt and yet still managed to remain light-hearted about it all. Thank you for sharing this very intimate moment in our lives. Take care

Lisa and Shawn

We were absolutely thrilled to have Todd officiate our wedding last June. Todd spoke at my Grandfather’s Farewell Ceremony (a informal funeral) and he spoke so eloquently, we had to have him for our wedding. Todd incorporated all the important points we wanted him to include and helped us to formulate the exact unique to us experience we wanted. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a traditional wedding and also to anyone who wants a little something different. Thank you Todd!!

Chelsey and Rob

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your service in conducting our wedding ceremony. The ceremony was vibrant yet dignified, and your tone and approach underlined the sincerity of the event yet helped us and our guests feel at ease. We especially appreciate that the ceremony went so smoothly despite us getting it started a few minutes late. Your coaching us before hand on the few aspects we would not have been prepared for, e.g. the exchange of vows and rings, was very helpful, and clearly showed your caring adn thinking of us at that moment, and reflected your extensive experience. Thank you very much for your advice and assistance on the ceremony script and on the request for expedited registration and processing of our marriage certificates. We truly appreciate your flexibility, especially since the wedding was scheduled with very short notice, and your accommodating our needs. Thank you for making our special day possible and our ceremony so beautiful, with best wishes always for your future wedding ceremonies.

D & T

Todd Kaufman went beyond our expectations to prepare a service that was simple (as we requested) yet meaningful to us. We did research in Jewish wedding customs and together we found a way to include a nod to our heritage while keeping the ceremony secular. Todd worked with us to help us write our words of intent. He was sensitive to our family, was flexible and listened to our needs.
weddings ceremonies

Ryan & Warren

Attending Todd’s ‘Coupling and Communication Sessions’ was probably the best decision we’ve made in preparation for our marriage and we highly recommend them to all engaged couples. Because of the tools we were given my fiance and I now understand each other on a different level and communicate with much more openness and effectiveness. Todd’s optimistic and friendly personality made each session an enjoyable experience and getting to know him made us more excited than ever to have him officiate our wedding in just a few months!

Melissa & Dustin

Todd Kaufman both officiated our wedding and provided us with pre-marriage counselling He provided us with a safe, comforting and professional environment to explore our personalities and develop effective strategies to communicate with each other through good times and bad. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, it was very important that our ceremony was inclusive while also incorporating unique elements from both cultures. Thanks to Todd’s advice and guidance, we couldn’t have been happier with the result. We strongly recommend Todd’s services as a Counselor or officiant.

Dan and Abby

Todd Kaufman was very pleasant and professional, and has added a lot to the magic of our wedding day…

Thank you for being so courteous and helpful…

All Seasons Weddings was a wonderful part of our wedding day, and we are certain that others would enjoy using your services, too.

Daniel & Hodoya

Todd Kaufman was amazing …

Took time to make sure our ceremony had everything we wanted and was extremely friendly and warm.

Kim & Adam

In-person ‘Psychotherapy w Todd Kaufman’ Appointments are available in Toronto, Canada only.  This schedule can fill fast, and you may often be able to find a time slot in ‘VIRTUAL Psychotherapy w Todd Kaufman’ when his office times are not available.  Please check ‘VIRTUAL’ appointments f you can not find a time slot else wise

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