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The Collaborating Therapist Network

Are you a practicing therapist who values professional community?

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Family Doctor/GP interested in Mental Health
Therapy Specialist: Hypnotherapist, EMDR, CBT, DMT, EFT, REBT…
Accredited Counselor, Life/Business Coach
Spiritual Care Provider (Clergy)
Addiction Counselor
Social Worker

TheAnxiety.Clinic would like share in our practice with you!

Why?  Because I believe we all do better in community. Creating mutual support for our clients and practices is simply common sense and good business. We believe in abundance and know there is more then enough opportunity for us all to be successful.  The more successful we all are, the more people we can help – after all, for most of us this is as much a calling, as it is a job.  And when we choose to collaborate from this positive mindset (as opposed to fear), we improve our skills, businesses and better care for our clients.

We would like know you professionally.  If you are outside of this geography – let’s get to know and support each other virtually?!


Building A Therapist Network has Many Benefits:

  • Create social/professional events to meet and greet, create discussion groups, and review new books, papers and research
  • Share referrals for clients best served elsewhere due to geography or speciality
  • Help building our practices
  • Share office space
  • Possible new client referrals for our “We Come To You” HouseCalls™ program
  • Continuing Education Programs – working together for group discounts and offering unique learning groups
  • Access to a network of qualified peers
  • Create Supervisory Groups & Support Groups

As soon as we have sufficient numbers in this community we will set up a forum that you can log-in and post your thoughts, last great book you read, ask for help, co-ordinate groups and socials – and any other opportunity you feel might benefit your fellow therapists.  And of course, names and information will be kept confidential and never shared without permission.

There is no fee to be a member of this community – Our goal is to create a support network for each other!

If you are interested please provide us with your full contact information, the location, and scope and services offered in your practice.

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