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Telephone Counselling

Telephone Counselling allows you to have your customized approach to feeling better – Right from your home or office!

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Telephone Counselling can provide you support and guidance through those challenging times and situations in life.

Just like meeting one on one telephone sessions, are scheduled to begin and end at a very specific point in time.

It is important that you conduct the session from a room in your home or office that is private, and free of noise and other distraction.

Telephone Therapy is NOT suitable for mental health emergencies or crisis intervention, please dial 911 or go to your local hospital or health care facility!

Who chooses Telephone email therapy?

  • Shut-ins and those living in assisted care
  • Mobile professionals
  • Those with mobility Issues
  • Busy executives
  • Existing in-person clients who are travelling
  • Those with ‘single issue’ questions or seeking coaching for life or work


Your own home or office provides:

  • Convenience
  • No travel time
  • Ability to work with a non-local therapist
  • Privacy

What are Telephone e-mail consultations?

Telephone consultations are pre-paid scheduled appointments where you talk over the telephone with a certified therapist. They are generally not considered a long-term substitute for face-to-face sessions; however, it provides immediate assistance where help is not close by or when in-person visits are not possible.

Telephone consultations may not meet everyone’s needs. Because of the medium, Telephone sessions is not be an effective means of responding to those who feel: suicidal, homicidal or have other psychiatric symptoms where physical human contact may be needed to intervene.

How effective is telephone therapy verses in-person therapy?

Telephone counselling has been proven to be effective in many cases. Many issues can be discussed, and worked on in this format in the same manner as we would in-person.

Sometimes telephone counselling provides a comfortable introduction for a client to meet a new therapist. Initial conversations frequently lead to schedule one on one face-to-face meetings, or possibly online consultations through a video media such as Skype.

Many established clients use telephone consultations when they are traveling, on an extended vacation or leave, or are unable to schedule enough time to both meet and travel to and from the appointment on a busy day.

There are certain conditions and issues that are not suitable for Telephone counselling such as mental health emergencies and matters of crisis. Certain other conditions and challenges are best dealt with in-person and your therapist will address this possibility in your introductory session if necessary.

How do I initiate telephone counselling?

Telephone counselling is a pre-paid here by purchasing a single session (call) or a block of sessions.

How do the Telephone sessions work?

Click here to purchase telephone counselling, your return receipt will include an Appointment Scheduler Request Form. This short form is filled out online and submitted immediately. You may either call the office or the office will call you within 24 hours to set up your telephone session.

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