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Re-Wiring Your Brain For Happiness!

June 8, 2020




Today’s video is filmed while I am isolating in Northern Ontario Canada on the shore of Georgian Bay. I am working virtually, doing both my psychotherapy and Executive Coaching. Two weeks alone to ensure I can be COVID-19 free and safely join my friends and family!

Re-Wiring Your Brain For Happiness!

People seek therapy or executive coaching because they are looking for a change. Ultimately, we are all looking to experience life in a more joyful way, and that means being able to rewire our brain to spend less time with negative thoughts and more time with positive thoughts.

Gratitude therapy is the quickest and most powerful way I know to make this change.

Based on the science of neuroplasticity, Gratitude Therapy is a practical therapeutic modality that actually re-wires your brain to redirect your intuitive response to life from the evolutionally negative presumptions, to positive assumptions.
My personal credo is this:
Show up. Presume Good Intentions. Do the Next Right Thing.

Presuming good intentions is not an easy thing. Our brains are designed to keep us safe and therefore presume the worst. Gratitude therapy helps us point our brains in a different direction.

Here is How:

There’s a very simple 3-step exercise to quickly start this re-wiring.

1. Keep a dedicated lined book on your nightstand with a pen.
2. Each morning before you do anything else, write down five things you’re grateful for. Five different things every morning!
3. In the evening as you crawl into bed read those five things out loud, to your partner, your dog, or the universe.

It’s really that simple.

Why Does This Work?

Your brain consumes more energy than any other organ in your body and for this reason it is constantly seeking to be energy efficient. It is like an adolescent; it’s always looking for the easiest way to do things!

Your brain is at one of its lowest energetic points when you first wake up. Taxing your brain to come up with five different things you are grateful every morning, activates your brain to find a more efficient way to achieve this exercise.

Very quickly your brain will start to lay down lines of code, subconscious programming, that says, “If he’s going to make me do this every morning, I will simply collect things for the gratitude list during the day, so I don’t need to spend so much energy every morning!”

And in short order, your brain will start becoming a gratitude collector.

How Do I Know This Is Working?

Within 2 to 3 weeks of performing this exercise daily there will come a moment when you are going about your day, not thinking about your gratitude list at all when suddenly, your subconscious will pop through into your conscious thoughts!

Your subconscious, having decided it was going to collect gratitude, will bring to your attention a person, place, thing, image… which you can place on your list in the morning.

At this moment you’re going to recognize that you’re laying down that programming in your subconscious and you are rewiring your brain for happiness.

Go Big or Go Home!

The key to neuroplastic change is threefold:

1. Intention
2. Repetition
3. Reward.

If each and every morning you intentionally make this list, repeat it again and again, and notice these breakthrough moments, and your ever-increasing happiness, you will nail the three components of neuroplastic change.

This simple little exercise is so powerful that I have watched it change hundreds of lives. Every single C-suite executive I coach incorporates this program into their morning ritual.

If you’re serious about making change, this very simple and powerful exercise is truly the golden ticket to a happier existence.