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Online Counselling and Psychotherapy allows you to have your customized approach to feeling better – Right from your home! Let’s talk now. 

Online Counselling, Psychotherapy can provide you support and guidance through those challenging times and situations in life.
Online Counselling, Psychotherapy is done via secure video conferencing with end to end encryption (security). We have confidential, direct face-to-face communication who will provide you with a customized and holistic approach to help you find solutions to your issues of concern. There is no need to leave your home or office! Ideal for patients on vacation, busy executives, shut-ins, those with mobility restrictions, or those not located in the Toronto area.

We offer Online Counselling & Psychotherapy for:  

  • Social Issues
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Short-term Depression
  • Addictions
  • Stress and Panic Management
  • Career Counselling & Support
  • Communications Skills | Relationships
  • Grief, Life Transitions 

and more.

 What are online consultations? 

 Online consultations provide therapeutic online sessions for personal and social issues via the Web. Also called “Internet therapy”, “e-therapy”, and “cybercounselling”, online sessions are provided by credentialed mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and social workers.

Please note that online consultations are generally not considered a complete substitute for face-to-face sessions; however, it provides immediate assistance where help is not close by or when in-person visits are not possible. Our delivery methods are interactive video conferencing and telephone. However, if video conferencing is the medium and a high-quality connection is used at both ends, online sessions with a qualified professional can be very effective.
Online consultations may not meet everyone’s needs. Because of the medium, online sessions may not be an effective means of responding to those who feel: suicidal, homicidal or have other psychiatric symptoms where physical human contact may be needed to intervene

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Online counselling and psychotherapy is NOT suitable for extreme trauma,
suicidal thoughts or other serious mental illness issues.

In these cases please call your local help line, 911 and/or see your doctor immediately