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New Year’s Resolutions – How to Make Them Stick!

by | Jan 1, 2014 | Anxiety, Educational Articles

It is that time a year again when many of us are inspired to create a new start and to undertake new and worthwhile endeavors: To get healthier, eat better, lose weight, get back to the gym… All wonderful goals and resolutions that far too often fail.
One of the key reasons we fail at goals and resolutions is our lack of a proven plan and structure. I have talked with hundreds of people about making changes in their lives. I’ve listen carefully to those who have been successful in achieving these goals, resolutions, and changes, and so too I have listened carefully to those who have repeatedly failed. I have come to the conclusion that there is an effective, six-step strategy to achieving your goals.
new year's resolutionsAre you ready to make New Year’s resolutions that stick? Read on…
1. Be impeccably clear about what your goal is, what it will achieve for you, and where you have been before you reached this goal. By example, if your goal is to achieve a happy personal relationship this year, take some time to write out in detail what a happy relationship would look like for you. Include in this detailed description how this relationship will impact your life. It is equally important to take tally of your former relationships, and notice the behaviors or patterns that resulted in you not achieving the type of relationship which you seek.
2. Your goal must not only be clear, it must be front of your mind! Make certain that you will be reminded of this goal in a very practical way, at least five times a day. Set it as a reminder in your smart phone, write it on Post-it notes and stick them on your bathroom mirror, on your headboard, on your computer screens, and anywhere that you will consistently be reminded. Ask friends and family to remind you about your goals and inquire as to how they’re going. Do whatever you can to keep your goals top of mind.
3. Your goals must be positive and helpful. There are a number of universal laws that come to play in us achieving our goals or maintaining resolutions. There really are no such things as coincidences. The universe is a very effective force in giving you what you ask for, particularly if what you ask for is positive and helpful to others. Goals that are negative or unhelpful to others are more difficult to achieve, and rarely last.
4. Clear out your limiting beliefs. The fairly recent science of cognitive neuroplasticity has taught us that we are quite capable of rewiring our brains. It is critically important that you come to understand what beliefs you have held that have prevented you from achieving your goals in the past. By example, many of us were brought up to believe that money is the root of all evil. If buried deep inside you is this belief, chances of you ever becoming wealthy are exceedingly slim. Talk with a good therapist, share your experiences with those wiser than you and access other resources that will allow you to come to understand your limiting beliefs. Then clear them out! There are multiple ways to clear limiting beliefs including affirmations, proactive therapy, life coaches, meditation, and even prayer.
5. Become involved with people who have achieved what you wish to achieve. This is perhaps the greatest secret of the rich and famous! If you want to become a multimillionaire, get advice from multimillionaires – a financial advisor that makes $50,000 a year salary will never help you achieve the goal of becoming a millionaire. If you wish to become an athlete, surround yourself with athletes. The energy, wisdom, and know-how all those who have what you want will quickly rub off on you.
6. Remain detached from how you achieve these goals. If you have decided you wish to be in a relationship with a certain person, that you meet in a certain way, that looks in a certain way, and that has a list of particular characteristics, you have just told the universe that you only want to achieve your goal in one very specific way, and you have cut out the opportunity of the infinite ways in which the universe may deliver up your goal! Being detached from how allows your goals to come into reality, frequently in ways that you have never dreamed of!
So there you have it a concise six step guide to achieving your goals. Choose them wisely, implement them strategically, and be guaranteed of a profoundly Happy New Year!


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