Mindfulness Therapy

The Right Therapist For The Job

Having a therapist/coach who practices what they teach is critical. Todd Kaufman, Psychotherapist & Clinical Director has been practicing Mindfulness Meditation for years.

The Right Tools For The Job

We know it sometimes take more then just Mindfulness Meditation to make changes. That is why we do some very unique and powerful additional training to be able to give you both the skills and tools to help you live the life of your choosing – Mindfulness Meditation, EFT, EMDR, CBT and more. You are assured of getting the kind of help best suited to your goals, needs and preferences.

Covered By Most Insurance Plans

Our practitioners are registered with qualifying organizations and our fees are covered by most insurance plans. Need more information? Call us now at 1-800-699-3396.

Mindfulness Training and Psychotherapy

We have helped hundreds learn how Mindfulness training can help calm your mind and teach you how to choose your thoughts and feelings!
Imagine being able to stop worrying, or deciding not to be stressed? Our integrated multi-modality approach is unique and is proven to change your life.
We do more then integrate Mindfulness teachings and psychotherapy. We give you a broad range of practical tools and skills that have created happy lives for hundreds of people much like you. Our unique multifaceted approach and techniques have helped so many people feel better and live stress free.

Our specialized training means you get results.

It is time to live a life of your choosing? Haven’t you waited long enough?

I’m Todd Kaufman Mindfulness Practitioner and Clinical Director. Let’s talk now.

About TheAnxiety.Clinic

We are a dedicated group of counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who love what we do. We never stop learning how to help you become better and stronger. We have specialists who are committed to changing lives for the better.

We embrace all sorts of techniques and training because we know that it takes different approaches to get results for different people. Hey, we know you are unique – so we have unique, powerful and proven solutions.

At our convenient downtown offices, we offer a full compliment of services to help individuals, and couples, with many differing challenges – in addition to our Mindfulness Training & Anxiety Clinic. We also offer online support for some issues.

Still need more information? Call us at 1-800-699-3396.

Ready to Live a Life That Is
Balanced, Joyful and Happy?

NOW is the Time.

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