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Mindfulness Therapy Changes Your Brain

by | Sep 11, 2013 | Educational Articles, Video

Why-Conselling-WorksMindfulness therapy is simply the therapeutic use of a type of meditation called mindfulness that is designed to calm your mind – and now using brain scan technology we see concrete proof it can actually change your mind!  In fact it can reduce depression, pain, stress, and even make people less self-centered.

Mindfulness is the type of meditation you will frequently hear the Dali Lama talking about.  Monks use meditation in part, for developing their sense of compassion, and learning to live in the world in a compassionate way. At Genesissquared counselling we teach Mindfulness Meditation in a non-religious way.

This short video from the BBC will show you brain scans of ordinary people, from before and after the practice of mindfulness meditation.  A neuroscientist oversees the scans and explains how the brains are being modified to help these patients.

Learning mindfulness meditation is one of many skills and approaches we use to help our clients overcome depression, chronic pain, stress and help improve their relationships.

Incorporating Mindfulness Meditation into counselling/psychotherapy can create powerful and effective changes to the way you think and feel.

|It is very cool stuff, check it out…




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