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How to Cure Anxiety…Surprise!

January 9, 2020


I ended having panic attacks decades ago and since then I’ve helped thousands of people manage anxiety and end panic attacks. Ultimately, I developed a protocol called the Anxiety Rele
ase Protocol (ARP) that quite quickly and successfully ends high-level anxiety and panic attacks. It’s taking years in the making and the wisdom of dozens of other experts, and hundreds of my clients, to create this protocol.

One of the things I learned many years ago, and deeply embrace as a psychotherapist, is the power of continually learning. There are so many wins in being a “learn it all” as opposed to a “know it all!”

So here’s the surprising cure and it’s all wrapped up in one word little phrase: “Be curious!”

Wait! What?! Being curious can cure your high-level anxiety and panic attacks? Yes.

Your brain is an amazingly complex and complicated place. As humans, we have a phenomenal capacity to learn, and whether we learn through academics, trial and error or the wisdom of others, learning does something amazing to our brains. Learning can change neuro pathways that have gotten you bad results and create new neural pathways that give you good results.

Neural pathways are not unlike lines of code that make software do what you want or a computer run well. Malicious lines of code are what we call computer viruses or malware and they can make software and computers extremely frustrating and even damage them! Those nasty people who write the code for those viruses or malware start with the line of code that works really well, and they alter it to do just the opposite. Fixing these computer and software problems means putting the lines of code back the way they were intended.

Anxiety is a primal response deeply
embedded in some pretty powerful neuro-pathways.


They are lines of code that have been embedded since birth to make sure you pay attention to things that might be dangerous and figure out a way to survive them. That’s a lifesaving piece of software!


When are you experiencing panic attacks or high-level anxiety those helpful lines of code have been altered. They have become too big and intrusive and too sensitive so that they become a real problem. They are now malware.

Here’s how curiosity solves your anxiety. You were curious enough to read this article. Because of your curiosity you just learned something about how your brain works.



Here's the solution

Now that you know what is happening, you can research then learn ways to restore that line of code in your brain. Knowledge is indeed power, and we can’t gain knowledge without being curious!
I know there are many ideas out there on how to end your panic attacks and fix your anxiety, from breathing exercises to meditation, exercise, food, and even medication. But there’s one key to making any of them work!
Ready for it? Because your curiosity is about to pay off big time!
Since you now know that anxiety is a line of code that was designed to make you thrive by keeping you safe, we need to embrace the idea that we never ever never never ever, want to destroy that original line code. We just want to restore it.
What that means in practical terms is to never fight your anxiety. If you fight your anxiety your brain is going to think you’re trying to destroy it and since we cannot survive without this line of code called the Anxiety Response, it is only going to push back.

You were curious enough to read to the end of this blog. Take that curiosity and continue to learn how to remove the malware without destroying the line of code. That is to say to restore your anxiety to where it’s incredibly helpful or even your superpower!

Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) is one such way to remove the malware and restore the line of code called your Anxiety Response.

Still curious? Good for you! Book an appointment in person or in our virtual online office and let’s get started. We will walk you through the Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) and get you back up and running!