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How a Bangladeshi Canadian is facing her fear of dogs — and reclaiming her life

A CBC Podcast with Todd Kaufman

May 16, 2022


A few months ago CBC contacted me to ask me if I could help a wonderful woman, Zana. originally from Bangladesh, get past her fear of dogs.

Zana told me, ‘I don’t want to be in the jail of this fear.’ Based on some rather frightening experiences with wild street dogs during her childhood, Zana’s first response whenever she saw a dog was to run. Since her longtime partner was a dog lover – it was time to put this behind her!

Zana’s story is told in segment One of the CBC podcast Now or Never

Listen here or download the CBC app onto your favourite device.

‘Now or Never’ is a podcast and radio show broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC).  Producer Kati Swailes reached out to me to ask if I could help Zana, and share some of our session in the podcast.

I learned Zana’s partner Eric Traub has recently lost his families bestie, an adorble little guy namend Rocky.  Rocky terrifed Zana the first time she me him, loudly screaming at a family function – everyone laughed, not understanding the depth of her fear.

Rescued by Rocky

Over the last few years as Zana learn to be less afraid of Rocky, his health declined and sadly he passed.  Seeing her partner’s pain she struggled to get past her fear – she knew it was not logical, but still, it persisted.  She forged a gentle and tentative realtionship with his Rocky and came to understand that in Canadian culture dogs are often family.

Eric wants another dog and Zana wants to support the family in this decision.  So it is Now or Never Zana thought, so we were on!

Take a listen at this short segment, meet Zana and I, and see how this all enfolds.  Spoiler alert – Zana is now eager to move forward and feels empowered to get past her fears!  There no doubt a lucky puppy out there who will soon get Zana and Eric as doggie parents!

Are you ready to get past something that has been blocking you from moving forward in your life?  Don’t hesitate to book an appointment and let’s chat – you will be surprised at how you can find the courage to move forward!

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