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“Achieving and Insuring Positive Patient Communication for
Medical and Support Staff” (PPC)*

PPC is a program designed to specifically target the patient satisfaction experience that the HCAHPS survey queries.

PPC Maximizes HCAHPS Tax Credits!

  • Custom designed for both HCAHPS and the client
  • Augments current programs
  • Simple to learn and apply
  • Cost effective implementation in small and large scale settings
  • Improves Patient Satisfaction
  • Increases Patient Retention
  • Increases Referrals from all sources
  • Creates better diagnosticians
  • Improves treatment compliance

‘PPC’ teaches hospital personnel to recognize, appreciate and communicate with patients in ways that address each patient’s personal communication style and needs using PRI’s patented process: Identity Mapping.TM

*Personality Resources International (PRI) All rights reserved 2011?