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Almost half a Century of Experience and Over 500 People Helped


Therapy, Coaching and Tools to Improve Your Life

I’ve curated and integrated the best techniques in the field including Mindfulness, CBT, hypnotherapy, EMDR… to create treatment plans that work, showing you how to achieve your goals, quickly and powerfully.

Put simply, whatever you are going through, I know how to help.


Ideal for Addiction and Anxiety.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Go Deep to Get Farther Faster.        

This 12-week intensive is a comprehensive and holistically designed program to get results fast.

Powerful, effective, and hard work. Ready?


In 2021 Change Management is a luxury. Wisdom coupled with a fearless adaptive muscle creates the mindset that provides tangible success. Based on neuroscience and psychology EPC yields positive outcomes by coaching you into the change you want to  deliver to your teams.

Deep work, hard work. Results.


Hear more about how we can work together to get you the results you deserve:

If you want to change it, repair it, or make it better

I can help.

The Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP)

ARP is based on neuroscience and decades of experience, this is your complete solution to end panic attacks and manage anxiety. ARP creates a customized treatment program that makes sense of how your brain works, so it works.

>END Your Panic Attacks
>Convert your anxiety into a Superpower (Really!)


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Getting Meditation Right

Getting Meditation Right

“I want to get meditating right,” I was told by a friend who is eagerly embracing meditating and the somewhat miraculous outcomes it can provide. I’ve been meditating for years and have found meditation incredibly helpful.

How to Cure Anxiety…Surprise!

How to Cure Anxiety…Surprise!

One of the things I learned many years ago, and deeply embrace as a psychotherapist, is the power of continually learning. There are so many wins in being a “learn it all” as opposed to a “know it all!”




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