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A THERAPIST That ‘Gets It’

Depression hurts.  We get that.  We have have helped hundreds solve their depression (Including Seasonal Affect Disorder – SAD).  Depression can really knock the wind out of you, and it takes working in a team with an experienced therapist to not just learn the tools to beat it, but to find the energy to kick that feeling to the curb!

THE RIGHT TOOLS for the job

Sometimes even the thought of getting help for depression, feeds the depression – that is depressions nasty little game – and we know how to beat it at its own game!  We use clinically proven techniques such as EFT, CBT and/or Mindfulness to move you out of the depression and rebuild a life of purpose and joy.


Our practitioners are registered with qualifying organizations and our fees are covered by most insurance plans.  Need more information? Call us now at 1-800-699-3396


Beat depression and win back your life!

What is Depression and its symptoms?

Depression may be short or long term feelings of sadness/helplessness/hopelessness with a loss of interest in usual things you enjoy. You may be irritable and/or tired with changes in sleep and appetite.Sometimes it feel like a black hole and you get stuck in negative ’thought loops.’ It can negatively impact every area of your life. It is much like a team of engineers in your head destroying the bridges between you and all that you enjoy.

What is the cure?

Therapy that provides practical tools tools that repair and build new bridges to re-connect you with the things in life that bring you joy and happiness. These skills are taught in your session and applied in your daily life. The cornerstone of your therapy is our proven 5-Step treatment. Medical doctors may also prescribe medication (and we will work with your doctor). Medication can be an aid to support the practical results that our life-giving strategies ultimately provide.

How long does treatment take?

Everyone is different, so we can not make any promises. I have learned this however – if you learn and apply the techniques we teach, there is every reason to expect that you can beat depression. And once you have the tools, and know how to be vigilant – you can keep those engineers from destroying those bridges in the future!


Beat Depression Now!

If life came with an instruction book, now would be a very good time to read the fine print – But it doesn’t. So how do you learn to conquer depression? World Class Athletes know a thing or two about achieving their goals…

Here is the one thing that every Olympic athlete does to win an Olympic medal…

Are you ready for it?…

EVERY World-class Athlete hires the services of a highly experienced coach to refine their skills and coach them in practice to become an Olympic medalist.

Get your own highly experienced coach to beat depression and win back your life.

I’m Todd Kaufman, Psychotherapist and Clinical Director. Let’s talk now.

We are a dedicated group of counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who love what we do.  We never stop learning how to help you become better and stronger.  We have specialists who are committed to changing lives for the better.  Some of us have personally concurred depression – let us show you how.

We embrace all sorts of techniques and training because we know that it takes different approaches to get results for different people.  Hey, we know you are unique – so we have unique, powerful and proven solutions.

At our convenient downtown offices, we offer a full compliment of services to help individuals, and couples, with many differing challenges – in addition to our Mindfulness Training & Anxiety Clinic.  We also offer online support for some issues.

Still need more information?  Call us at 1-800-699-3396.

If you are ready to live a life that is balanced, joyful and happy, NOW is the time.

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