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by | Feb 24, 2015 | Educational Articles, Video

depression-hurtsIt is human nature to become a little sad from time to time, or even depressed. But for those of you who have experienced depression including Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD), the accompanying feelings of sadness, loneliness, worthlessness, and pointlessness, can be painfully pervasive.  Sometimes it feels like a cold wet blanket that just smoothers everything.
Sometime depression comes alone, and maybe you don’t even know why.  Other times it arrives with anxiety and stress.
We’ve worked with depressed people for many years, and have come to learn that this insidious experience is best dealt with by a multiple strategy approach. All of us are wired differently, and depression hits us all in different ways. A powerful metaphor for depression is to think of it as a corps of engineers in your brain who are determined to destroy the bridges that bind you to anything, any event, any activity, or anyone, that brings you pleasure. Ultimately, if left unchecked this corps of engineers will isolate its victim to such a point that life may not even feel worth living.
7009211_sThe strategy to combat depression means combating the breakdown of these relationships. An experienced counsellor or therapist can provide a client with a multitude of tools based in various modalities that are designed to destroy these destructive engineers before they even get started! Likewise practical strategies to help rebuild the bridges which connects you to happiness, is a critical and concurrent part of any therapy.
In some cases this battle back to happiness can be supported with medication, and your therapist should always work in conjunction with your medical care provider to ensure that both forms of treatment are complementary to the client’s ultimate goals.
At TheAnxiety.Clinic we design personalized programs for each client, and also offer multi-week workshops in which you can learn many of these practical tools. These tools are carefully designed to access the neuroplastic nature of your brain.  (That is your brains ability to re-wire and remould itself.) Some of the skills which we teach and integrate include Mindfulness Therapy (meditation), Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Life Affirmation Strategies, Narrative/talk therapy with an emphasis on reframing through Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Want to learn more about how we help you beat depression – Click here!
In short, we’ve come to see depression as the opposite of relationship. Not just interpersonal relationships, but relationships with things in life that bring you joy, contentment, and happiness. Ultimately this strategy in our therapeutic approach is to reconnect you in a powerful and sustaining way with those things which bring you joy.depression-free
At the bottom of this webpage you will find a wonderful and powerfully animated video about depression from the World Helath Organization.
We think it clearly illustrates how many of you may be feeling.
In the midst of depression there is one thing we would like you to know that you can count on, the therapists, psychotherapist, and psychologists at TheAnxiety.Clinic are deeply committed to working with you and supporting your journey back to happiness.

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