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What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

by | Mar 11, 2014 | Anxiety, Educational Articles

13261455_sHypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis in a clinical setting to help clients overcome challenges in their lives. It is often used to help overcome smoking, nail biting, and other such habits. It can also be an integral part of a psychotherapeutic plan to help someone guide his or her life towards a satisfying and happy experience.  A skilled practitioner can include hypnotherapy as part of a treatment plan to help you overcome more complex issues such as depression, addictions, and other behavior that is not helping you live a healthy and productive life.


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It is important to understand that when one is hypnotized for clinical purposes you need to be completely aware of what is going on. Being in hypnosis is not unlike being in a daydream. It is a very pleasant experience. You are always in control and you will be responding to questions either verbally or through signals such as tapping your fingers. A hypnotherapist never has control over you – it is safe, healthy, and a natural state.


Clinical hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective due to your natural ability to rewire your own brain while you are completely relaxed. When we are relaxed it is easier for us to be aware of some of our subconscious thoughts. Subconscious thoughts are in the background of our brains and they frequently control how we behave in life. Because we are not aware of these thoughts for the most part, we become a victim to these thoughts.
When you are in a very relaxed state such as clinical hypnosis, it’s much easier for you to identify subconscious thoughts. Once you’ve shed light on your subconscious thoughts it becomes much easier to decide how much control they will have over your life!  You become empowered to make decisions, with a fuller awareness of what is going on in your head!
Clinical Hypnosis is simply one more tool to help you to make the changes in your life that you desire and it has helps millions of people live happier and more successful lives.


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