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Pre-marriage Counselling

Couples frequently say to me, “If we needed pre marriage counseling or communication skills training, we wouldn’t be getting married!” I certainly understand the sentiment, and indeed if your relationship was not going well and your heart full of love then you should not be getting married!
Why should we consider these sessions?

Mindfulness Therapy Changes Your Brain

Mindfulness therapy is simply the therapeutic use of a type of meditation called mindfulness that is designed to calm your mind – and now using brain scan technology we see concrete proof it can actually change your mind!  In fact it can reduce depression, pain, stress, and even make people less self-centered.

Why Counselling Works – Psychotherapy

One of the first questions I always receive, particularly from skeptics and those who have never sought any form of mentoring, coaching, or counseling before, ask: “What is it that you do that actually seems to work, and have made such a profound change in my friend’s life?”

Training for Therapists

Workshops for: Therapists, Counsellors and Coaches Emotional Intelligence as a Therapeutic Tool (Certifying Course, Level One for PRI Trainer Certification) Course Code: EI-1/2 This two-day program does double duty for therapists, counsellors and coaches! This...

Ceremonies | Weddings

Weddings | Baptisms | End of Life Celebrations | Life & Gender Transition Ceremonies Todd who lives in Toronto and Blue Mountains is experienced in officiating ceremonies of many types and will invest great care in ensuring your ceremony is a unique and memorable...



Customized designed workshops.
Uniquely delivered to meet your goals and objectives.
(Client Satisfaction, Employee Retention, Leadership Development)
Supportive integration with existing programs.
Cost effective with Train the Trainer modules.