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The 10 Ten Reasons People See a Therapist

January 15, 2021

By Todd Kaufman

Registered Psychotherapist


Ever wondered if therapy is for you?

The Top 10 Reasons People Work with a Therapist:


# 1. COVID Related Stress!

1. Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and SO ready to end these feelings

2. Depressed, sad or grieving, and want to feel happiness again

3. Concerned about using alcohol or drugs and ready to cope with life on life’s terms

4. Experienced trauma (physical, mental, relationship) and just can’t seem to let it go

5. Want to love and accept themselves, and figure this goal is worth investing in

6. Eager to make their relationships better, with partners, co-workers and friends and family

7. Have goals in their lives they are committed to achieving and want tools and/or a coach to help achieve them

8. Seeking to understand their life’s purpose

9. Looking for support to become a fantastic parent, partner, or friend and want to understand tough feedback from friends, partners or employers

10. Need a place to learn and practice expressing emotions, assertiveness or new ways of being

Or in short: Looking to live a crazy abundant life – and noticed there was no instruction book!

Todd Kaufman is a Registered Psychotherapist and Coach specializing in anxiety disorders. You can reach Todd or book an appointment online at www.TheAnxiety.Clinic 1-800-699-3396.




It is human nature to become a little sad from time to time, or even depressed. But for those of you who have experienced depression including Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD), the accompanying feelings of sadness, loneliness, worthlessness…

Creating Happiness

Creating Happiness

It is understood that to create lasting change it takes a minimum of 66-99 days of consistent practice. This includes creating happiness! Physiologically we are talking about creating new neuro-networks in your brain – new ways of thinking and being.